I am Subhendu Maji, a passionate technology professional with an avid love for travel, visuals and music.

Professional : Information technology (IT) is where my passion meets profession.

I am an IT professional who could bring relevant Industry experience backed by Management of Business IT and other appropriate education, leading to solid understanding and expertise in a diverse range of technologies, business and IT systems and solid management skills to your business. Your business will benefit from a steadily progressing positive, dedicated and insightful information technology professional with an analytical and problem-solving attitude, resulting in notable success in bridging business requirements and technology to strategise productive solutions. My capability of motivating teams to maximise levels of productivity helping business to grow. I am a strategic thinker and a quick learner that rapidly adapts to emerging technologies and changing business environment.

Career Highlights: Business System Design ★ Process Improvement ★ Change Management ★ Team and Project Leadership ★ Project Coordination ★ IT Services Management ★ IT Strategy ★ Delivery ★ Governance ★ SaaS ★ PaaS ★ Cloud-native ★ SDLC, Agile

Travel : Walking through the beaten and unbeaten paths, experiencing the happening

I have just begun my desired journey to travel around the world, see the unseen, know the unknown, experience the happening, and feel the surrounding as never before. I love nature, landscapes, people, festivals, monuments, mountains, quiet valleys, public transport and a takeoff on a plane.

Visuals : Capturing time, preserving memories

Since my teenage days, I always enjoyed playing with a video camera, capturing nature and creating my own movies. I still consider myself an amateur (read very amateur) videographer and just love to create videos of my holidays and events.

Academic : Connecting the dots